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Laboratory publishers foreign rights catalog

Laboratory was founded in 2020 by Anton Martynov as a small nonfiction press. The main role of publishing house was to educate people and develop society. Today it is a reading ecosystem encompassing a wide range press and an e-library Librarius, largest in Ukraine. Anton Martynov, considered one of the most vigorous public proponents of a full-fledged Ukrainian book market, has more than 20 years of professional experience. Around 2 500 000 copies were sold under his management.

Laboratory has a portfolio of hundreds published books and aimed to launch more than 100 titles per year: 60% nonfiction and 40% fiction titles, both original and translated.

Our philosophy is contents + readability + design. We carefully select advantageous titles worldwide and publish them in all forms concurrently (paperback, hardcover, audiobook, e-book).

We proudly bring to Ukrainian readership a lot of big names: Bill Gates, Nobel-prized physicist Frank Wilczek, Pulitzer winners Isabel Wilkerson and Daniel Yergin, Vaclav Smil, Keith Ferazzi to name a few. Ukrainian editions of Gabriela Garcia, Nita Prose, Jenny Tinghui Zhang and others is our groundwork in belles-lettres.

After Russian assault we started to seek even more for Ukrainian authors so to insonify brand-new voices in Ukrainian literature, both fiction and nonfiction. The Russian-Ukrainian war and tectonic shifts brought to our society are our priority themes, but not the only ones.

Please view our foreign rights guide: english, francais.

Should you have any questions or rights inquiries, please email us at rights@laboratoria.pro